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Our non-profit 501(3)c arts organization, founded in 1996, has always involved a diverse community of people at all ages and stages of art-making. We discuss racial equity frequently, and will continue to prioritize it. Our founder, Roz Knight is from Canada, married an American, and has lived in the United States for 40+ years.

Roz is Jewish, has 6 bi-racial children, who live in the area and are now aged 33-42, mostly as a single mother. She also has 5 bi-racial step children, and 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren who range in age from 7 months to 19 years old.

Roz has been a visual art educator for 47 years, since 1989 in Las Vegas.

Roz founded City of the World, Inc. here in Las Vegas, because Las Vegas is a city of the world. This happened at the same time that Michael Jackson’s song "We Are The World" came out. She and her family felt then, as they do now, that there was no time for hatred. Her idea was to represent every age, every religion, and every race in our non-profit's mission to show how the arts are integral to our world.

After all of these years, we remain in business, and we spend virtually every dollar we take in, giving back to the community here in Las Vegas. Our City of the World Art Gallery has recently re-opened from the pandemic shut-down and our first featured artist show includes 18 new art works by Roz in her new show "Colour is Time".

Our Board members always have and will continue to reflect diversity, equity and inclusion, as do our artist-members and supporters in the community.

Our Board works with emerging and experienced artists in regards to payment plans and gifts of time and talent in lieu of money for gallery space. Our artists, aged 15-80 have participated in local peaceful protests, and we will hope to begin offering classes and workshops in July/August 2020.

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Come visit us at Suite 1430 next to Macy’s inside Meadows Mall.


Roz Knight, Executive Director

(702) 523-5306


City of the World, Inc. is an established 501(c)3 non-profit art gallery, events space and community arts organization that promotes artistic engagement and celebrates arts education.

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