This is your About Page a World of two artists, two different styles, two ideals but both uses the love of repetition art form in their work.



I  am self-taught artist who moved from Austin, Texas  to Vegas.


Much of inspiration for my art draws from life experiences living  in many different countries like Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark and Austin. The vast array of designs, culture, colors and especially nature had greatly influence on what and how I paint.  Aboriginal art form from Australia using repeated dots to create scared symbols n story telling have taught me to tell my own story in my art. Finding God plays a huge part  in finding my crerativity in art, in the bible God paints His canvas with words, I read and i see His design, His usage of reptition of words, His colors, His story and HIs purposes.


Being mixed media artist and I constantly experimenting n learning using different art medium and techniques to allows me to express my ideas and transform the beauty of our world on a canvas by invoking our senses that connect us with the colorful, vibrant, complex world of nature My love for using repetition of lines, dots and pattern techniques to purposefully direct a viewer’s eye  to emphasize parts of a composition is how God uses repition of Words to emphasize his purposes. Art has been a gift to me by God, I am blessed to be able to paint my story, my life, my growth, my imgination and my world on canvas.



I am a 24-year-old living in Dallas, Texas. I have a BFA in visual and performing arts which I received from the University of Texas at Dallas. I love abstract art and bright colors but I also will play around with nature, animals, and portraits. While I work with many different mediums, I specialize in acrylic, oil, charcoal, and watercolor. Much of my inspiration comes from my battle with Endometriosis - a disease where tissue, similar to the tissue that normally lines the uterus, is growing outside of the uterus. Diagnosed in 2018, I have struggled with chronic pain for several years. While there is no known cure for this disease, I have turned to surgical procedures, lifestyle changes, and of course art to help me get through its debilitating effects. Art allows me to reflect upon my constant fight against Endometriosis and express my emotions in a subjective way. Using abstracts, I create pieces that reflect my own perspectives and passions. I create bright and beautiful designs as well as dark monotone sketches to illustrate the turbulent emotion of my experiences. I am blessed to use art as my outlet and to be able to have a voice through it.

Instagram: mkkartanddesigns