Founded in 1996 by artist and lifelong educator Roz Knight, City of the World, Inc. is an established 501(c)3 non-profit art gallery, events space and community arts organization that promotes artistic engagement and celebrates arts education. We provide all local artists with accessible and affordable art services and free community art projects.

Our Canadian born founder has always had a passion for the arts and education. She became an educator in the Clark County School District where she lead many successful projects with her students, displaying these accomplishments throughout the valley. One particular project inspired the idea of City of the World, Inc. During World Heritage Month, Roz put together a large display of cardboard cities of which her students heritage directly relates to, many of whom were first or second generation immigrants. This sparked the idea that Las Vegas is truly a "City of the World" because of our wide diversity of peoples who come here to make a living from all over the world.  

Soon, Roz began offering free art workshops to kids of all ages at schools, parks, community centers, churches and more. But her vision went beyond educational needs. This later became Artz-to-Go, a free community outreach program that is still in operation around the valley.

As a lifelong artist herself, Roz wanted to help her fellow artists who were struggling to celebrate their unique artwork. In 1998, Roz worked with a property owner in what was quickly becoming the city's art district and opened the first gallery location in a historical home on the corner of Casino Center and Colorado. Here, many artists joined and enjoyed a low-cost membership to display and celebrate any artwork they had created. 

But Roz wasn't going to stop with just the gallery. She worked with local businesses, artists, and councilmen to start the  beloved monthly event, First Friday. It soon turned into a hotspot for artists, artisans and crafters to sell their work. 

Unfortunately, after a period of decline of business in the area and the sad death of the property owner the gallery was located in, the City of the World Art Gallery closed its doors. After a successful 22 years in the location though, Roz was again on the lookout for a partnership to host the nonprofit gallery and in late 2019, City of the World opened its doors in the Meadows Mall. 

Since the opening of the current location, the gallery has experienced rapid growth and embrace from the community. We are creating more partnerships, hosting more artists, expanding the Artz-to-Go program and are looking for more ways to make the arts, education, and celebration even more accessible and engaging for everyone in Southern Nevada. 

We host more artists from around the world than ever before. We welcome all walks of life and experiences, art mediums and talents and expressions without bias. We are committed to and insist on enjoying the diversity of peoples that make Las Vegas their home regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation and personal identity, country of origin, income level, social status, and creed:

Truly making us City of the World, Inc.

Our Gallery represents more than 40 Las Vegas visual artists and craft makers. Our walls are consistently updated to bring you the freshest pieces of our local up and coming artists.

Are you looking for wearable art jewelry, crocheted plush toys, or resin art coasters? Maybe high quality framed prints or original fine art paintings? Whatever you're looking for, stop by our space next to Macy's inside the Meadows Mall to see how you can support living artists. Every dollar you spend goes to encouraging these artists to pursue and perfect their passions. ​

We promote community engagement and utilize our galley as an event space for workshops, gatherings and weekly events. Workshops are low cost and affordable, including all materials so you and your family and friends can enjoy these new experiences to the fullest. 

The Featured Artist Exhibit and Student Featured Artist Exhibit showcases an artist work for an entire month. Featured Artists reserve our prime window space overlooking the mall corridors for all mall patrons to see.

​We have the only dedicated Student Gallery in Las Vegas that affords young aspiring artists the experience of displaying their art in a real gallery environment, all for free. 

The Monthly Themed Exhibit invites all local artists (18+) to submit up to two pieces of their work that fits our monthly theme. Each submission is only $10, and artists keep 70% of any sales from their piece. You do not have to be an artist in our gallery to enjoy being a part of this exhibit. All local artists are invited to see what its like to display their work in a real gallery at an affordable price. 

​Our Artz-to-Go program bring free and enriching art lessons to the entire community through local parks, community events, festivals, schools. churches, hospitals, senior citizen facilities and more.  Every year, we partner with the City of Las Vegas Parks and Rec, Council Men and Women, and others to bring these free lessons into 12 local parks around the valley. We run 3 sessions per year,; Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each session is 7 weeks and held on each Saturday. All Art Leaders have an educational and/or art background.