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A. J. Hill

A. J.  Hill

A.J. Hill is a self-taught Las Vegas based artist who specializes in mixed media and symbolic photography. She get her start during the 2020 pandemic when she quit her job to help her children through the struggles of online school. Art has always been a passion and a hobby that she enjoyed sharing with her children. Her 15 year old taught her to make dream catchers with yarn and her 11 year old taught her to paint with acrylics. Through watching Bob Ross tutorials, she learned to paint her iconic dark forests. Wanting to create more depth in her paintings lead to an explorations of mixed media where she fell in love with using crystals and stones.Duiring the quarantine she started to observe shadows and light dancing across the walls. This began her journey into the world of emotional black and white photography. Through the use of powerful imagery, she is able to put the viewer in a state of contemplation. A.J. Hill is able to evoke emotion with expressive self-portraits and thought-provoking captures of everyday life.