Lesley Beth Davis 

Inspired by the majestic skies of my adopted hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada, I strive to capture the brilliant colors and movements that float across the horizon.  The beauty and vibrant hues found in the myriad of flowers is also a major source of inspiration for my work.


Previously a more realistic style painter, I now concentrate on the abstract where a stray flower petal, the partial curve of a leaf, or just the suggestion of a graceful stem may appear in a painting of a flower.  Other lyrical subjects embody the whimsical and are meant to assist the viewer in embracing happiness in life.  To create such a joyful image through the juxtaposition of jewel-toned hues and soothing  background shades provides me with a motivating and fulfilling challenge. 


When working with the idea of a structure, I will block in general shapes on the canvas.  Color and texture is then added.  I will often begin a painting with just a particular color palette in mind.  In this case my brush is led by the emotions of the day.   I work in oil with different add-ins for texture such as sand, marble dust and gold leafing.


I always paint to music – from Classical to Jazz to Old School.  Watch out when it’s Old School day…some pretty “funky” pieces have come out of those sessions!


Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I enjoyed a 35-year career in accounting and computer software configuration while painting only part time.  I know have the pleasure of expressing my passion full time.  My work has been shown in local galleries and exhibitions.  I also paint on commission.

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