Holly Riedel

As a habitual road tripper, visual artist Holly Riedel gained her experience and perspectives by ‘Holly-gaggin’ down the road less traveled. Michigan born, She studied art in college however, she learned more by chasing rainbows and answering the call of the road.

Believing its the duty to those who have experienced the mystical to convey it to those who have not, she uses her art as a way to journal the ‘everyday-psychedelic’ aspects of nature.


An appreciation for the balance between the biological and mystical world shines through in a playful and funky style. Riedel’s artwork becomes a portal to surreal and peaceful scenes experienced within the minds eye. This art honors a cosmic side of life.

She finds inspiration by traveling in an off the beaten path way and loves exploring nature, by camping and hiking with her beloved wildebeest dog Kumbah Vonhoggslayer. She is an avid didgeridoo player, and collects strange and unusual trinkets from her escapades. 


Calling Humboldt County, California ‘Home’ for the better part of a decade,The west coast influence is noticeable. She relocated to sunny las vegas in 2018. She is currently working as an RBT providing in home ABA therapy for children with autism.


Through her artwork she hopes to spread positivity by reflecting a life filled with gratitude for this glorious experience. Remaining ever thankful to have glitched into existence during this dawn of mass spiritual awakening and the realization of our eternal power and potential.


Bright Art for Bright People!