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City of the World?

The City of the World Art Gallery is a cooperative local gallery. 


We represent more than 30 artists or groups who are actively pursuing their passions, at all ages and stages of artistic development.

We are always looking for new members to join!

We typically have a waiting list of artists who would like to show their work in the gallery. Please complete the form below to let us know a about your artwork and give us an example of 4 of your best pieces to consider. 

After you've submitted this form, you will hear back from us within a few business days, and we will schedule a time to see your art in person. 

Please keep in mind we are a family friendly gallery, with emphasis on promoting art education for all ages! 

Patron of the Arts membership 

Donate to our non-profit annually for just $30 and receive discounts on events and workshops! 

Are you interested in reserving our featured artist space for an entire month?

This offers full Window display exposure next to Macy's at the newly renovated Meadows Mall! 

Please email us! 

Or Better yet, stop by for more info! 

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