Who We Represent

Our Gallery is an ever changing landscape of dedicated Las Vegas artists pursuing their passions at all ages, skill levels, and mediums We represent more than 40 local artists, including Student and Guest Artist, and pride ourselves on promoting artistic engagement within our community.

Roz Knight

Founder and Executive Director

Roz is a lifelong artist and arts educator. She brings her vision of the arts to life through her work using acrylic, pen, and pencil to create visually stunning work. Roz is committed to the arts and arts education and started City of the World in 1996 in order to bring the arts to everyone in the community.


Add your name to our ever growing list of local artists! We are always looking for artists to join our gallery co-op. Click the button below to fill out the Artist Interest Form. We will contact you shortly.

Our gallery is located in prime retail space inside the Meadows Mall. We feature low cost and affordable wall space for you to hang and celebrate your unique work. We also offer many opportunities to bring your work to public events throughout the valley. We work hard to make sure that each of our artists are celebrated and promoted. 

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