I am a Vegas born artist, made of coffee and creativity. 


I originally went to college to study business, as I’m a huge Accounting nerd.  While I did enjoy it, I often found myself being drawn back to art.  During that time I started doodling mandalas and other pattern work after reading about how they can be used for meditation and stress relief.  So when my education journey suddenly came to an end, I followed the call, shifting my focus to diving deeper into the healing properties of sacred geometry. 


Art has been a very helpful tool to cope with Social Anxiety as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Painting allows me to maintain dexterity and release stress related to living with chronic pain.


Outside of visual art, I am also a Folk singer-songwriter. You can find me and my guitar playing at City of the World, on Instagram, open mics, or at a park.


I strive to inspire and help others heal through art and music.