Veronica Wong

Veronica is a self-taught artist. She has exhibited in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Texas and Her art Was chosen and display at Texas Capitol Hill by Rep John Bucy III As Artist of the Month in March 2019, in conjunction with International Women’s days and Women’s History month. She is a mixed media composite artist whose main medium is water color, gouache, acrylic, resin and posca pens. She is often educating herself in other techniques like using magnets to manipulate her art and even adopted the Japanese Chigrie method of using washi in her art Her main art form is exploring details of lines, dots and repeating objects or patterns. She used these with combination of various medium The lines and dots are repeated to create unique flowers, foliage, corals and living creatures that all come together to She draws inspiration from her her life experiences in the countries she lived in : Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark and Austin. The vast array of designs, culture, colors, and the stories behind them had greatly influence on what and how she paints.