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John Trimble

John Trimble is a Los Angeles/ Las Vegas based multi-media artist. In 1996, he received his
Associative of Arts from Antelope Valley College and in 2000 his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the
University of Las Vegas
Trimble specializes in acrylic paints, pastels and colored pencil on various canvases and paper
to create works representing his memories from an open perspective.
Trimble has exhibited his work in Las Vegas galleries such as The Donna Beam Gallery, West
Las Vegas Arts Center Gallery, and City of the World Art Gallery. He has also participated in
annual Las Vegas community festivals such as the Taste of Sounds &amp; Soul Festival and the
Springs Preserve Black History Festival.
His works illustrate imagery of heightened hues of color and distorting or even removing faces
of figures and objects to depict ambiguity and interpretative images much like in a dream or
from ones memories. Although Trimble paints reminiscent memories of experiences, his
intention is to awaken special memories in the viewers own conscious and subconscious
thoughts about the subject matter. He believes this brief voyage of the mind evokes the viewers’
perspective and independent interpretation. Trimble&#39;s subject matter is influenced by the desire
to share special moments, new experiences, thoughts or even people with his audience.
Through enhancing colors and augmenting shapes; he attempts to entice viewer’s senses
beyond sight alone. The artist depiction is more than going to an intense jazz concert or
showing you serene landscape; Trimble desires you as the viewer, to experience and enjoy it
with him.

You can view his artistry collections at

John Trimble
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