Artz-to-Go is a production of COTW to bring arts to the entire community

A Multifaceted Traveling Arts Program, Artz-to Go focuses on serving the needs of Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.
Providing arts education, dance, music, theater, arts integration, visual arts enrichment, and self-esteem development, it is a creative learning environment, developed to enhance cultural awareness, spiritual growth, and educational intensity.
Artz-to-Go buses are equipped with art supplies, books, backpacks,and artists/educators in an environment decorated as a moving art gallery and museum.

Click here for more info and a list of scheduled events.

Artz-to-Go is comprised of 4 programs:

#1 Mobile Classrooms

The Artz-to-Go buses are equipped with art supplies, books, musicians and art teachers.  The buses pull up and park at a number of preselected parks in the city.  The supplies are unloaded and the children present at the park are encouraged to come make art at the hands on activity tables.  At the same time, the public are welcomed to visit the buses' mobile art gallery so that they may enjoy the talented work of local City of the World artists


Click here for the schedule and list of parks


Currently the buses go to 4 parks in the Las vegas, Clark County area during the school year.

3 Saturdays a month from 11am-1pm. 

This program is free and open to all ages.

#2 Artz-to-Schools

$2 per student

The Artz-to-Go buses are decorated as a miniature traveling Art Gallery. Each bus exhibits at many local schools. The bus will park at a school. Groups of students go in groups of 10 and tour the bus. Two docents are on each bus for each Artz-to-school trip. The docent shows pieces of art, describes the style of art, and explains the media the artists used, all the while, asking aesthetically critical questions to better understand the piece of art. Sometimes there is line up to get on the bus, so we provide origami hands on art while waiting. Artz-to-Schools also provides an art worksheet for those teachers and students that are interested in more information. The price is $2.00 per student, which is arranged prior to the Artz-to-School tour.

#3 Artz-to-Festivals/Events


The Artz-to-Go Buses, travel to the festival and local events. The Buses park at festival grounds. Guests tour the Artz-to-Go Traveling Miniature Art Gallery, and may buy art by artists from City of the World Gallery. The may create art at the Hands on Artz-to-Go Kids Zone. The minimum price to hire Artz-to-Festivals is $150.00

#4 Artz-to-Go-Tours

Various Tours available including:
  • Arts District Tour

  • Relax'N'Tour -- This tour will go to various scenic areas of Clark County. All day excursion, box lunch included

  • Art Tea Party -- Go to the Arts District, tour COTW -- enjoy art and have a tea party

  • Art Buffet Tour -- Go to COTW, enjoy art and a box lunch. Includes a success collage, greeting cards, and insta landscapes. 

  • Freestyle Tour -- Design your own Art Party/tour. Cost to be discussed.

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