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This program is supported, in part, by the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and the state of Nevada.”

Providing free kids art activities and great selection of art from our artists at the Gallery. 

Check us out at these festivals and events! We are continually partnering with local event coordinators to bring you more fun and art. Check back soon for updates!

Thank you so much for supporting the City of the World's Artz-to-Go program. 

City of the World, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 corporation and all donations received are tax deductible.

Every dollar donated is used to fund the Artz-to-Go program to bring the arts to all Clark County residents. 

Please leave us a message to the purpose of your donation or payment so that it can be properly documented for accounting purposes.


A Multifaceted Traveling Arts Program, Artz-to Go focuses on serving the needs of all Clark County residents and visitors. We provide free arts education, dance, music, theater, arts integration, visual arts enrichment, and self-esteem development. It is a creative learning environment developed to enhance cultural awareness, spiritual growth, and educational intensity. Artz-to-Go brings hands on art projects for children and adults to Las Vegas parks and events. 


City of the World is excited to be apart of the following community events! Be sure to join us and see what's in store! 

Artz-to-Go: Events

Artz-to-Go: The Parks

Artz-to-Go: Festivals

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