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Maria Todd

 Hi. I'm Maria. If you've ever met me, you might remember me by my blue hair & blue eyebrows! I like to wear my art, for it to be a part of who I am! Here's a little about myself that I'd like to share with you…

I've been creating art ever since I was a very young child,  collecting treasures to create gifts for my family. I was very shy, so I used art to express my love. I excelled academically  all through school, oftentimes creating some form of art to go along with an assignment, which ensured an A+ grade!  I was taught how to sew, knit & crochet at the age of 10, and spent all of my free time creating! As a teenager, I spent time alone in my thoughts, writing poetry and drawing pictures to accompany the poems. My love for art continued through the many era's of my lifetime, and today I have finally found my purpose as an artist, which is to share inspired messages and visions with the world.  I especially enjoy hosting Paint & Pray where people gather to have fellowship, inspire each other, relax, & just enjoy creating  together! 

My art has been displayed  in numerous exhibits, featured in City Halls, individually and as part of a group, awarded  numerous medals, ribbons, congressional awards, and trophies, and I'm most happy to say are hanging in many homes across the United States and in the world, sharing the inspiration that created it!  

I currently serve as the Vice President of City of the World Art Gallery in Las Vegas, where I am also director of their outreach program Artz-to-Go, providing free art activities throughout Las Vegas.  I also enjoy teaching art at Good Shepherd School Project in Henderson (homeschool youth program), facilitating art workshops of various types, including creative expression for veterans, paint parties, face painting, and providing art services at local art festivals and events. Recently I started an art therapy program under Artz-to-Go, “Create a New Day”, which is art for people living with dementia. I love painting while listening to music, using acrylics  and mixed media, painting murals, still incorporating treasures I find, just as when I was a child.  I believe that art should come to life, that one should feel what they see, and  that it should raise awareness to all our senses, becoming one with it!  You might recognize my artistic flare by its color...its usually some shade of blue, much like my hair!  Blue is electrifying yet calming, it's unlimited, and represents all the colors and depths of the roaring yet peaceful is freedom in the sky, life, eternity!!!

Aside from being an artist, I am an Air Force veteran, cancer survivor, happy & blessed granny to 13 grandchildren, and an elder (chairperson for outreach and finance) & President at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  I also volunteer with SOS Christian Radio, enjoy music, traveling, experiencing the world, its' cultures, and people. 

I foresee my art to continue to grow and expand, constantly learning new techniques, and experiencing all that interest me, such as sculpting, pottery, stained glass, mosaic, and oils. My short term goal is to fulfill my dream of becoming a writer, with a few books already started. My art is rightly created under the name "InspireMeArts".  The things I love most in life inspire my art.  I wish to inspire others through my creative expression as I have been inspired,  allowing others to feel the same love, peace and joy when they view my art.   

I hope you enjoy InspireMeArts and can feel the love that created it 💙
FB- Maria QuengaToddRobertson
FB- InspireMeArts
IG- Maria.inspireme

Maria Todd
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