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Mark Goddard

My name is Mark Goddard I was born in London and now living in Las Vegas. I am
happily married to my beautiful wife Trisha Briones. I am a very disciplined
artist/Illustrator working in various mediums with a great eye for detail. I completed a
one-year design course and was awarded with a BTEC First diploma in design. In 1991, I
studied two years in graphic design at the Newham community college of further
education. In 1994, I worked in West Germany for five years as a T-shirt graphic
designer and also worked for Warner Brothers theme park as a portrait artist. I decided to
return to London with a choice to seek employment in graphic design or to go back to
college. I made the decision to return to further education, I successfully completed a
one-year course and was awarded an Access Certificate in illustration and computer
graphics. After completing the course, I went on to study a three-year course in
illustration at the London College of Communication and was awarded a BA Hons in
illustration and graphic media design.
At the age of ten, I remember my brother asking me to go to the nearest corner store to
buy the latest comic book. I use to try to copy the style and design my own characters, I
knew that was when I wanted to become an artist. Everyday I would draw something
new, if I had an idea, I would quickly sketch it out on a scrap piece of paper, I was never
afraid of making mistakes. As part of growing up, I use to watch classical British hammer
horror movies. My friends use to tell me that my drawings are too dark and scary but that
did not stop me from what I enjoy doing.
My personal artwork is very diverse. I like to experiment using different mediums; I do
digital airbrushing, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pencil drawings and also Pyrography
(wood burning). My favorite artists are HR Giger, Hajime Sorayama, Gong-sucheol,
I have displayed my work at The Beauty Bar, The Grand Marriot Hotel, The Mirage hotel
and The Linq Vegas Streets, The Gold Lounge in the Aria Hotel, The Rock house in the
Venetian hotel, Artisan hotel, Kapuso Restaurant, Geisha House, Zombie Zone, The Life
Cube Project, Artisan hotel and Amanda Harris Contemporary art gallery.

Mark Goddard
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