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Patty Rogers

Hi, I am Patricia, Also known as Patty and I will tell you a little about myself…
I was born in Vancouver, BC Canada, in 1960 to a very creative, large family.
Art came to easy to me as a youngster. My mother told me we all have gifts from
God and one of mine is art so at 12 I taught art lessons to the neighborhood kids
in our basement. What a mess but SO much fun! (poor mom!)
I Majored in art through high school (wasn’t good in math anyway) Drawing,
painting, sculpture, pottery and design. I graduated with a scholarship in art. I
was not sure if I wanted to do art for a living because I thought it would take the
fun out of art, however, I found the opposite to be true and I was not doing
enough art, trying to work and feed myself. I realized I needed to learn more art
skills from talented artists to expand my skills and knowledge so I could do art as
a living.
In 1988, I Graduated from the Kwantlen University Visual and Graphic Design
program. Going to college was the best thing for me, being around other artists
and making friends!
For my love of fine art I attended Emily Carr School of Fine Art in Vancouver
part time studies as well.
While I was in art school, I worked as the artist for Tynehead Zoological Society
in Surrey, BC. Doing feasibility studies for a park like the San Diego Zoo and to
illustrate a book on the plants within the 620 acre park.
Upon Graduation from University I started a job at a small advertising company.
One day, I got a call from my past director at the Zoological Society. He let me
know there was an opening at Vancouver Aquarium in the Art Department. I got
the job and was Graphic artist assistant in the art department for 7 years. I got
married and we moved to Austin Texas. My other love; animals, helped me connect
with a lady who co-owned a 3D art business called Custom Creation. I worked
there for 2 years until we moved back to Canada and started a family. When my
daughter was 2 we moved back to the US and I did some small side jobs while
raising the kids. We ended up in Las Vegas 6 years ago after living in LA for a few
Presently, I am volunteer artist for Opportunity Village in the Magical
Forest and help with secretary duties at the City of the World art
gallery, as well as doing freelance art.

Painting big is awesome! I’ve worked on many murals. For anyone who wants their
space customized I can help make your ideas come true in your yard, pool deck,
house, children’s room, or any other areas. I love to do pet portraits!
I do repairs on existing work, faux finish and tromploi work as well.

Patty Rogers
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