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Penny Ramos-Bennett

Penny Ramos-Bennett, is a Chicana activist artist. Her work explores certain themes: of inclusion, racial and political hypocrisies and divinity which is overlooked in everyday life. Her California Mexican American roots were nourished in  the 1960’s and 1970’s social justice cries for reform. They are the looking glass that informs her works. 

Her work was included in the Kleine Levin Syndrome – Rare Disease Day Awareness Billboard -Times Square, New York, New York; Rape Crisis Center Auction- Las Vegas, NV; Springs Preserve – Las Vegas, NV Day of the Dead; City of the World – We the People and Who Do You Love exhibitions; Village Foundation-COTW past contributor, Pop-Up Muralist Cinco de Mayo - Las Vegas Arts District, Artz-to-Go contributor. 

To View artwork visit City of the World Art Gallery Las Vegas and at Penny’s online gallery at,

Penny Ramos-Bennett
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