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Ranae Koyamatsu

I am a Paint Pourer. I specialize in the Shelee Art Style technique, which is an advanced paint pouring technique achieving special bullets/peacock-type cells along with beautiful captivating lacing using a special cell activator recipe that was developed by the famous Australian artist, Shelee Carruthers.
Most of my art work are 9” & 11” clocks made from MDF wood, acrylic & resin. 9” clocks are $45 and 11” range from $55 to $65. Next popular are my sets of coasters that come in a box for $25. My paintings I create have an extra touch to them with a design made from hot glue and resin. Most of my paintings are all under $100.00.

I do teach classes for private parties from 1-6 students. Everything is provided for a set of coasters $45 or an 11” working Clock for $60. Just call to set date & times.

Ranae Koyamatsu
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