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Rebecca Weeks Howard

My art reflects my passions - art, music, education, travel, animals, friends &amp; family.
I’ve been a public school educator for almost 35 years and counting...
Grit is all the rage right now, but at any age, making art takes guts!
For me, the artistic process is therapeutic, and it’s universal.

I truly believe it’s an under-rated gift we all have, that is shut down early for most of us, because of all the pressure the world puts on us to do other things.

My mind is always spinning with ideas, lists and song lyrics. I typically work on more than one artwork at a
time. I draw directly on the surface first. Quick, gestural sketches reveal the initial spirit of the image I start
out with, which is almost guaranteed to change in my layering process over time as I color in and outside the
lines, mixing paint on the surface as I go. I sometimes add Sharpie, oil pastels or collage to outline and refine
the image.
There are lots of layers in life.

Rebecca Weeks Howard
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