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Sonya Edwards

Sonya L Edwards is a passionate traveler and artist who currently resides in Las Vegas. With a primary focus on Africa and various art styles, she has traveled extensively around the continent of Africa and various other countries.

Her love for art began at an early age, and as she grew older, she became fascinated with the diverse art styles found across the globe. Sonya's travels have taken her to many African countries, where she has been able to experience and learn about the unique art forms and cultures.

While visiting these countries, Sonya makes a point to donate and/or teach. She believes that giving back to the communities she visits is essential, and teaching art to local children is a fulfilling way to do so. Through her donations and teachings, Sonya hopes to inspire others to appreciate and explore the beauty of art.

Sonya is a firm believer in the power of art to transcend language and cultural barriers. She is committed to sharing her experiences and knowledge with others, and her passion for art continues to be a driving force in her life. When she is not traveling or creating art, Sonya can be found at home in Las Vegas, where she continues to explore new art styles and techniques.

Sonya Edwards
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