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Artist Members:

Become a valued member of our gallery! Display, sell, and celebrate your work with us. Gain exposure through the gallery and all our events. Each artist is invited to bring their work to dozens of events that CoTW participates in.

How it works:

Artists 18+ rent a wall space for 6 months. Monthly rent depends on the size of your space, but range between $25 and $100 a month. All artists keeps 70% of their sales, with 20% going to CoTW and 10% to the host who sold the work. 

Artist are required to gallery host 6-10 per month. Any sales you make during your shift, you make 10% (as mentioned above). Commissions are paid out at the beginning of each month. 

Monthly Featured Student Artists:

Any artist under 18 can reserve a space in our Student Art Gallery for free for an entire month! Invite your family, friends, teachers and classmates for your opening reception! The student receives 90% of their sales. Commissions are paid out in cash to the parents or guardians at the end of the exhibit.

Monthly Featured Artists:

Rent our prime retail space overlooking the mall corridors for all patrons to see! Space is reserved for 1 month. This space is perfect for large artworks of all mediums. Set your own date and times for your opening reception to mix and mingle and make sales. 


All teachers in Southern Nevada are invited to hold their own classroom art exhibit. This service is free and aims to highlight the need for celebration of artwork for kids of all ages. 

¡Nos encantaría conocerte!

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Artist Members Payments

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Thank you for being a proud member of City of the World 


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