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Maria ToddRobertson

All art pieces are for sale.

Hi. I'm Maria. If you've ever met me, you'll probably remember me most by my blue hair & blue eyebrows! I like to wear my art, for it to be a part of who I am! So... here's a little about me that I'd like to share with you…

I've been creating art since I was a very young child. I loved collecting treasures that I could use on cards that I would make for my mom & Dad and my Aunties & grandmothers. I was very shy, so I used art to Express my love to others. I excelled academically in elementary school, often times creating some form of art to go along with an assignment, which ensured an A+ grade! My cousins & I, with my mom and aunts, would spend endless weekends crafting. They taught me to sew, knit & crochet before i even reached middle school! As a teenager, I enjoyed riding my bike to a park, alone in my thoughts, where I would write poetry about birds & having the freedom to fly, and then drawing a picture about it. As a senior in high school, I took a 3D art class, and found a form of art that I truly connected with. In college, I found an appreciation for all styles of art, often times spending an entire day at museums, alone to wander until closing. As a younger adult, I enjoyed crafting & making gifts for others, unique and made just for that person! It wasn't until later in life, that I found my calling as an artist, with the encouragement from the Veterans Art Center in Grand Junction CO. My art has been displayed in numerous shows & exhibits, individually and as part of a group, awarded numerous medals, ribbons, and trophies, and I'm happy to say is hanging in many homes across the United States and in the world! And now, as a senior citizen, you can find me every Tuesday at Paint & Pray at my church. where a group of women gather to pray for each other, paint, fellowship, inspire each other, relax, create & just enjoy life!

As for today, I am the Vice President at City of the World Art Gallery in Las Vegas, where I am also director of their outreach program Artz-to-Go. I enjoy teaching art at a homeschool church, facilitating various art workshops and paint parties, and providing art services at local art festivals and events. I love painting with acrylics, while creating something 3D, mixed media, murals, still incorporating treasures I find, just as when I was a child. I believe that art should come to life, that one should feel what they see, and that it should raise awareness to all our senses, becoming one with it! You might recognize my artistic flare by its's usually some shade of blue, haha, like my hair! Blue is electrifying yet calming, it's unlimited, and represents all the colors and depths of the roaring yet peaceful is freedom in the sky, life, eternity!!!

My loves in life are God, my faith & salvation, my 3 sons & 14 grandkids, family & friends, the ocean, LA Rams, art, glitter, music, the forest, the thrill of adventure, travelling, road trips with the grandkids, culture, being an Air Force Veteran, being a cancer survivor, experiencing life, and oh yeah, did I mention I love the color blue?

It seems fitting that my art is created under the name "InspireMeArts". The things I love most in life inspire my art. God is my number 1 inspiration n my art, and in my life!!! I wish to inspire others through my creative expression, as God has inspired me, sharing His love, and allowing others to feel the peace and joy they deserve.

One last thing...1 of my cousins said to me when I was diagnosed with cancer, that after surgery, all my art would be to glorify God. During surgery God gave me a vision to paint, taking my art spiritually to a whole new level. His spirit guides the paintbrush in my hand! And so today, my art, InspireMeArts, is all created to glorify God, my inspiration!

I hope you enjoy InspireMeArts and can feel the love that created it 💙

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IG- Maria.inspireme


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