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Resident Artists

Valerie Anthony

This artist has not submitted a biography yet. Stay tuned.

Katie & Dale Appel

April Ballard

Darrell Berube

Sarah Brejnak

Karen Buford

Born and raised in Denver, CO, Karen Buford has traveled widely and lived in many states in pursuit of her artistic and educational goals. Karen has always been drawing, painting and creating since childhood! She enjoys sharing her passion for art with others and helping them find their joy through her beautiful art! Karen is an accomplished artist participating in Art exhibits both locally and nationally with her art in both public and private collections.
Karen graduated with a BA in Fine Art and eventually became an art teacher with an M.Ed. in Art Education. Karen is currently a professional fine artist and an elementary art teacher for the local school district. Karen enjoys painting portraits, landscapes, florals and inspirational artworks. She also loves to create digital art photography and mixed media artworks on paper

James Carr

James Carr with Oddball Studio
Phone text 702 683 4845 or my email is my website
Oddball Studio on Facebook
My artist statement: To create unique gifts for that hard to shop for person on your life.
We create ceramics, games, pens, clocks, gnomes, and all kinds of unique and odd gifts.

Jerry Carr

Gregory Colhouer

Lucy Davis

Lydia DeLaRosa

Lydia DeLaRosa is from San Pedro, California. She began painting after a deep
meditation. Lyddy enjoys painting with acrylics. She is a graduate with a Master of Science
degree from CSU Dominguez Hills. By day Lyddy is a Social Worker/Case Manager, and by
night she is an inspired artist in Las Vegas.
Lydia can be contacted at 310-428-0092

Wendy DeRyke

Karen Dunlap

Sonya Edwards

Sonya L Edwards is a passionate traveler and artist who currently resides in Las Vegas. With a primary focus on Africa and various art styles, she has traveled extensively around the continent of Africa and various other countries.

Her love for art began at an early age, and as she grew older, she became fascinated with the diverse art styles found across the globe. Sonya's travels have taken her to many African countries, where she has been able to experience and learn about the unique art forms and cultures.

While visiting these countries, Sonya makes a point to donate and/or teach. She believes that giving back to the communities she visits is essential, and teaching art to local children is a fulfilling way to do so. Through her donations and teachings, Sonya hopes to inspire others to appreciate and explore the beauty of art.

Sonya is a firm believer in the power of art to transcend language and cultural barriers. She is committed to sharing her experiences and knowledge with others, and her passion for art continues to be a driving force in her life. When she is not traveling or creating art, Sonya can be found at home in Las Vegas, where she continues to explore new art styles and techniques.

Christina Flores

Beth Folwell

Eveline Frey-Marcks

Stephanie Fuoco

Having been born in Kingston, NY in 1985, Stephanie Fuoco was drawing as early as she could hold a crayon. In high school, she learned graphic design, completing an independent study in the subject and also AP 2D Design, graduating in 2003. She went on to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Visual Art in 2007 from SUNY New Paltz. Stephanie’s first post-college art show was in Saugerties, NY in 2010, and her talents took her into various graphic design jobs in Florida. After working in the restaurant industry for 15 years, she discovered that there was a need for teachers in Las Vegas. She was hired at Clark County School district, teaching kindergarten, first grade, and second grade, until she attained her art endorsement and then became an art specialist at Shirley Barber Elementary School. Stephanie’s students have been displaying their art at City of the World Art Gallery for two years, which led to her become the featured artist in January of 2024. Her vibrant creations of mixed media paintings brighten any room.

Mark Goddard

My name is Mark Goddard I was born in London and now living in Las Vegas. I am
happily married to my beautiful wife Trisha Briones. I am a very disciplined
artist/Illustrator working in various mediums with a great eye for detail. I completed a
one-year design course and was awarded with a BTEC First diploma in design. In 1991, I
studied two years in graphic design at the Newham community college of further
education. In 1994, I worked in West Germany for five years as a T-shirt graphic
designer and also worked for Warner Brothers theme park as a portrait artist. I decided to
return to London with a choice to seek employment in graphic design or to go back to
college. I made the decision to return to further education, I successfully completed a
one-year course and was awarded an Access Certificate in illustration and computer
graphics. After completing the course, I went on to study a three-year course in
illustration at the London College of Communication and was awarded a BA Hons in
illustration and graphic media design.
At the age of ten, I remember my brother asking me to go to the nearest corner store to
buy the latest comic book. I use to try to copy the style and design my own characters, I
knew that was when I wanted to become an artist. Everyday I would draw something
new, if I had an idea, I would quickly sketch it out on a scrap piece of paper, I was never
afraid of making mistakes. As part of growing up, I use to watch classical British hammer
horror movies. My friends use to tell me that my drawings are too dark and scary but that
did not stop me from what I enjoy doing.
My personal artwork is very diverse. I like to experiment using different mediums; I do
digital airbrushing, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pencil drawings and also Pyrography
(wood burning). My favorite artists are HR Giger, Hajime Sorayama, Gong-sucheol,
I have displayed my work at The Beauty Bar, The Grand Marriot Hotel, The Mirage hotel
and The Linq Vegas Streets, The Gold Lounge in the Aria Hotel, The Rock house in the
Venetian hotel, Artisan hotel, Kapuso Restaurant, Geisha House, Zombie Zone, The Life
Cube Project, Artisan hotel and Amanda Harris Contemporary art gallery.

Martin Gurewitz

Rae Hagen

Sandra Halsey

Sandra Halsey, born and raised in Germany is influenced by modern and classic European artists. She has taken some classes from a few notable American artists as well including Robert Waren and Keven Hill who have allowed her to teach their works. Her subject matter spans the gamut from classic to abstract

Dana Harding

Tracy Heffner-Jones

Charles Holbert

Ken Howard

Ken Howard is a professional photographer, photojournalist and artist.

His images have been published worldwide.

His image of the Blue Ridge Mountains is featured on the John Grisham #1 best selling novel,
Gray Mountain.
In addition to his commercial product photography you can also find him covering music
festivals, concerts and sporting events around the country.
See more of Ken's photographs at:

Rhonda Howard

Kiran Jones

Roz Knight

Roz Knight is an artist, long time educator, mentor, and Founder - Executive Director of City of the World, Inc. A dedicated art advocate, Roz has been teaching for almost 50 years. She has received numerous awards for her work, including, but not limited to: Disney Teacher of the Year, a National Art Council Grant recipient and Wonder of Life Award (Molasky National Inventive Thinking Assoc). Roz has been a member of NAEA for over 25 years. Her crowning achievement is the Artz-to-Go Program. This free program provides arts education and self-esteem development to an underserved segment of the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada community. The program brings the arts to community parks and events. A celebrated artist, Roz's work is both colorful and whimsical. It speaks volumes about things she is passionate about: nature, women's empowerment, and spirituality. These are all recurring themes that can be found in her paintings.

Ranae Koyamatsu

I am a Paint Pourer. I specialize in the Shelee Art Style technique, which is an advanced paint pouring technique achieving special bullets/peacock-type cells along with beautiful captivating lacing using a special cell activator recipe that was developed by the famous Australian artist, Shelee Carruthers.
Most of my art work are 9” & 11” clocks made from MDF wood, acrylic & resin. 9” clocks are $45 and 11” range from $55 to $65. Next popular are my sets of coasters that come in a box for $25. My paintings I create have an extra touch to them with a design made from hot glue and resin. Most of my paintings are all under $100.00.

I do teach classes for private parties from 1-6 students. Everything is provided for a set of coasters $45 or an 11” working Clock for $60. Just call to set date & times.

Betty Lewis

Ramon Montes

Nicki Nichols

Danielle Norris

Rita Palmer

Tina Peraza

Carol Peters

Penny Ramos-Bennett

Penny Ramos-Bennett, is a Chicana activist artist. Her work explores certain themes: of inclusion, racial and political hypocrisies and divinity which is overlooked in everyday life. Her California Mexican American roots were nourished in  the 1960’s and 1970’s social justice cries for reform. They are the looking glass that informs her works. 

Her work was included in the Kleine Levin Syndrome – Rare Disease Day Awareness Billboard -Times Square, New York, New York; Rape Crisis Center Auction- Las Vegas, NV; Springs Preserve – Las Vegas, NV Day of the Dead; City of the World – We the People and Who Do You Love exhibitions; Village Foundation-COTW past contributor, Pop-Up Muralist Cinco de Mayo - Las Vegas Arts District, Artz-to-Go contributor. 

To View artwork visit City of the World Art Gallery Las Vegas and at Penny’s online gallery at,

Madeline Reed

This artist has not submitted a biography yet. Stay tuned.

Lacey Richardson

Teresa Rodrick

Teresa is originally from the Pacific Northwest. When she married her husband he was in the Air Force and they live around the world. They traveled and lived in England and Germany for 7 years, down to Texas, and then back to England for another 3 years. They retired in Boise, ID. In May of 2016, her husband passed and she ended up moving to Las Vegas to find out who she is on her own. Well, she found out she is a technical theatre and art teacher. She has found her work brings focus to her life and hopes that you enjoy the images that she creates for you.

Patty Rogers

Hi, I am Patricia, Also known as Patty and I will tell you a little about myself…
I was born in Vancouver, BC Canada, in 1960 to a very creative, large family.
Art came to easy to me as a youngster. My mother told me we all have gifts from
God and one of mine is art so at 12 I taught art lessons to the neighborhood kids
in our basement. What a mess but SO much fun! (poor mom!)
I Majored in art through high school (wasn’t good in math anyway) Drawing,
painting, sculpture, pottery and design. I graduated with a scholarship in art. I
was not sure if I wanted to do art for a living because I thought it would take the
fun out of art, however, I found the opposite to be true and I was not doing
enough art, trying to work and feed myself. I realized I needed to learn more art
skills from talented artists to expand my skills and knowledge so I could do art as
a living.
In 1988, I Graduated from the Kwantlen University Visual and Graphic Design
program. Going to college was the best thing for me, being around other artists
and making friends!
For my love of fine art I attended Emily Carr School of Fine Art in Vancouver
part time studies as well.
While I was in art school, I worked as the artist for Tynehead Zoological Society
in Surrey, BC. Doing feasibility studies for a park like the San Diego Zoo and to
illustrate a book on the plants within the 620 acre park.
Upon Graduation from University I started a job at a small advertising company.
One day, I got a call from my past director at the Zoological Society. He let me
know there was an opening at Vancouver Aquarium in the Art Department. I got
the job and was Graphic artist assistant in the art department for 7 years. I got
married and we moved to Austin Texas. My other love; animals, helped me connect
with a lady who co-owned a 3D art business called Custom Creation. I worked
there for 2 years until we moved back to Canada and started a family. When my
daughter was 2 we moved back to the US and I did some small side jobs while
raising the kids. We ended up in Las Vegas 6 years ago after living in LA for a few
Presently, I am volunteer artist for Opportunity Village in the Magical
Forest and help with secretary duties at the City of the World art
gallery, as well as doing freelance art.

Painting big is awesome! I’ve worked on many murals. For anyone who wants their
space customized I can help make your ideas come true in your yard, pool deck,
house, children’s room, or any other areas. I love to do pet portraits!
I do repairs on existing work, faux finish and tromploi work as well.

Melanie Romero

Dianne Ronnow

Darla Tanaka

Art is a joy and celebration of ideas, feelings, and color. Combining mediums such as acrylic, wood, resin, and metal, I express my ideas of traditional art as well as steampunk and fantasy. I love making not only wall art but also useful items such as trays, jewelry, lanterns, etc. My mind is filled with ideas and color. My goal is to bring these ideas to life in objects others can use and enjoy.

Darla Joy Tanaka spent 22 years in Japan and studied sculpture, doll making, and other arts while there. She also taught high school robotics for many years here in the US. This gives her an unusual combination of traditional design and mechanical perspective. Her art varies from vintage design to gears and dragons, combining color with whimsy.

Kim Thompson

Maria Todd

 Hi. I'm Maria. If you've ever met me, you might remember me by my blue hair & blue eyebrows! I like to wear my art, for it to be a part of who I am! Here's a little about myself that I'd like to share with you…

I've been creating art ever since I was a very young child,  collecting treasures to create gifts for my family. I was very shy, so I used art to express my love. I excelled academically  all through school, oftentimes creating some form of art to go along with an assignment, which ensured an A+ grade!  I was taught how to sew, knit & crochet at the age of 10, and spent all of my free time creating! As a teenager, I spent time alone in my thoughts, writing poetry and drawing pictures to accompany the poems. My love for art continued through the many era's of my lifetime, and today I have finally found my purpose as an artist, which is to share inspired messages and visions with the world.  I especially enjoy hosting Paint & Pray where people gather to have fellowship, inspire each other, relax, & just enjoy creating  together! 

My art has been displayed  in numerous exhibits, featured in City Halls, individually and as part of a group, awarded  numerous medals, ribbons, congressional awards, and trophies, and I'm most happy to say are hanging in many homes across the United States and in the world, sharing the inspiration that created it!  

I currently serve as the Vice President of City of the World Art Gallery in Las Vegas, where I am also director of their outreach program Artz-to-Go, providing free art activities throughout Las Vegas.  I also enjoy teaching art at Good Shepherd School Project in Henderson (homeschool youth program), facilitating art workshops of various types, including creative expression for veterans, paint parties, face painting, and providing art services at local art festivals and events. Recently I started an art therapy program under Artz-to-Go, “Create a New Day”, which is art for people living with dementia. I love painting while listening to music, using acrylics  and mixed media, painting murals, still incorporating treasures I find, just as when I was a child.  I believe that art should come to life, that one should feel what they see, and  that it should raise awareness to all our senses, becoming one with it!  You might recognize my artistic flare by its color...its usually some shade of blue, much like my hair!  Blue is electrifying yet calming, it's unlimited, and represents all the colors and depths of the roaring yet peaceful is freedom in the sky, life, eternity!!!

Aside from being an artist, I am an Air Force veteran, cancer survivor, happy & blessed granny to 13 grandchildren, and an elder (chairperson for outreach and finance) & President at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  I also volunteer with SOS Christian Radio, enjoy music, traveling, experiencing the world, its' cultures, and people. 

I foresee my art to continue to grow and expand, constantly learning new techniques, and experiencing all that interest me, such as sculpting, pottery, stained glass, mosaic, and oils. My short term goal is to fulfill my dream of becoming a writer, with a few books already started. My art is rightly created under the name "InspireMeArts".  The things I love most in life inspire my art.  I wish to inspire others through my creative expression as I have been inspired,  allowing others to feel the same love, peace and joy when they view my art.   

I hope you enjoy InspireMeArts and can feel the love that created it 💙
FB- Maria QuengaToddRobertson
FB- InspireMeArts
IG- Maria.inspireme

John Trimble

John Trimble is a Los Angeles/ Las Vegas based multi-media artist. In 1996, he received his
Associative of Arts from Antelope Valley College and in 2000 his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the
University of Las Vegas
Trimble specializes in acrylic paints, pastels and colored pencil on various canvases and paper
to create works representing his memories from an open perspective.
Trimble has exhibited his work in Las Vegas galleries such as The Donna Beam Gallery, West
Las Vegas Arts Center Gallery, and City of the World Art Gallery. He has also participated in
annual Las Vegas community festivals such as the Taste of Sounds & Soul Festival and the
Springs Preserve Black History Festival.
His works illustrate imagery of heightened hues of color and distorting or even removing faces
of figures and objects to depict ambiguity and interpretative images much like in a dream or
from ones memories. Although Trimble paints reminiscent memories of experiences, his
intention is to awaken special memories in the viewers own conscious and subconscious
thoughts about the subject matter. He believes this brief voyage of the mind evokes the viewers’
perspective and independent interpretation. Trimble's subject matter is influenced by the desire
to share special moments, new experiences, thoughts or even people with his audience.
Through enhancing colors and augmenting shapes; he attempts to entice viewer’s senses
beyond sight alone. The artist depiction is more than going to an intense jazz concert or
showing you serene landscape; Trimble desires you as the viewer, to experience and enjoy it
with him.

You can view his artistry collections at

Diane Truit

Windi Tuyls

Rebecca Weeks Howard

My art reflects my passions - art, music, education, travel, animals, friends & family.
I’ve been a public school educator for almost 35 years and counting...
Grit is all the rage right now, but at any age, making art takes guts!
For me, the artistic process is therapeutic, and it’s universal.

I truly believe it’s an under-rated gift we all have, that is shut down early for most of us, because of all the pressure the world puts on us to do other things.

My mind is always spinning with ideas, lists and song lyrics. I typically work on more than one artwork at a
time. I draw directly on the surface first. Quick, gestural sketches reveal the initial spirit of the image I start
out with, which is almost guaranteed to change in my layering process over time as I color in and outside the
lines, mixing paint on the surface as I go. I sometimes add Sharpie, oil pastels or collage to outline and refine
the image.
There are lots of layers in life.

Ryzen Williams

Ryzen is a Las Vegas born and raised artist. Through his work with sacred geometry, he
explores healing the relationship between humans and nature. His paintings are a visualization
of hidden connections, vibrant energies, and spiritual wisdom. His goal is to also make chronic
illness bearable through the inspiring a rejuvenating power of art. By expressing these
experiences, he hopes to create an environment of understanding, compassion, and support.

Val Woods

Kathi Zamora

I am a retired art specialist after 36 years in CCSD. My entire career I worked with special
needs students. I was recognized for my work by the National Art Education Association.
I have a B.A. in history, a Master’s in Curriculum, Instruction, and Education.
I have been involved with City of the World as an artist and with its Artz-to-Go programs as an
art leader since it began. I believe all people have the ability to create art.

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